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Pulse dance


Live mix artist / Producer

One warm summer night at Bonnaroo, I saw a sunrise performance by Paul Oakenfold, and it changed my life. After a 6 hour set, as the sun was rising, the gathered people chanting for more, he didn’t stop.  Although the stage techs were shutting down the equipment he continued feeding the crowd. He gave, one last push of music,  dropped the beat and then silence. It was beautiful.  He gifted people with his music, bringing them a magical experience.

In that moment, DJ Devasya was inspired to be.

Music has forever been a part of my life: Growing up in a musical household, I longed to find “my sound”, which lead me to learn many instruments. Horns, percussion, strings, woodwinds… yet, nothing grabbed me the way that could inspire me to share my love of music and give people the magic I feel from it. However, after that one night,  all that changed.  I borrowed a pair of Technics 1200’s and got to work. The second I put my hands to the vinyl, I was hooked. I had finally found the perfect medium for my expression.

Six months later I reluctantly had to return the equipment, but that didn’t stop me, in fact it was just the beginning. I purchased my own pair of decks and proceeded to surround myself with learning everything I could. I practiced for hours a day, endlessly researched, studied others and went out to clubs to see how the pros did it. I fell in love.

Since then I have networked, attended and participated in countless shows and events and even tried my hand at throwing my own parties. I want to know all aspects of the art and the world of performing. Now is the time that my passion comes to life, and with all the beauty in the Universe to thank for it.

This is our life.
This is our time.
Now we dance!