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Pulse dance


Live mix artist / Producer

One warm summer night at a music festival, I had an experience that would set in motion the beginning of the rest of my life.

In a dwindling crowd, as the sun began to peak above the horizon I found myself memorized by what was happening before me.  Now, it wasn’t spectacular in any terrestrial sense, however what I experienced that dawn left an imprint on me that has reverberated through to my very core and remained within my existence ever since.

I saw a sunrise DJ performance by Paul Oakenfold.  After he had already been performing for 6 hours and as the sun was rising behind him, the crowd I was in began chanting for more music.  We knew Paul would have to stop soon.  They joined in chorus hoping this could somehow keep the sun away, we just didn’t want the night to stop.  We could sense the end was near but fought back with love and happiness wishing the heavens would split open and swallow the sun whole to give us just a few more hours to dance.

And to our delight, it worked!

He didn’t stop.  Stage techs were frantically running back and forth across the stage to gather cords and shut down equipment but he kept feeding the crowd.  The lights were shut off, the brilliant LED wall went silent.  I looked around into what once was a seething mass of excitement that now had become an endless field, the grass still smashed into the dirt leaving evidence of what ensued a few short hours prior.  All that remained was a silhouette of Paul Oakenfold and those decks.

He motioned to his watch.  We knew it, he knew it, but no one wanted to accept it.

Another track, he kept playing to the massive empty field and us.  Two hundred of us left, huddled in close, clinging to the music.

He revved us up into another track.  We continued dancing, dirty, tired and likely malnourished but none of that mattered.  In that moment everything was perfect.  Maybe we had done it, maybe this night truly never would end.

Into another build up, here we go again.  The music beckons us.  The excitement builds.  We quiver with anticipation for our release and the beat to drop….here it comes……

A single beat.

Then silence…………


It was magical.  In that moment, DJ devasya was inspired to be.

Music has forever been a part of my life: Growing up in a musical household, I longed to find “my sound”, which lead me to learn many instruments. Horns, percussion, strings, woodwinds… yet, nothing grabbed me the way that could inspire me to share my love of music and give people the magic I feel from it. However, after that one night,  all that changed.  I borrowed a pair of Technics 1200’s and got to work. The second I put my hands to the vinyl, I was hooked. I had finally found the perfect medium for my expression.

Six months later I returned the equipment, but that didn’t stop me, in fact it was just the beginning. I purchased my own pair of decks and proceeded to surround myself with learning everything I could. I practiced as often as I could, endlessly researched, studied others and went out to see how the pros did it. I fell in love.

Now is the time that my passion comes to life, and with all the beauty in the Universe to thank for it.

This is our life.
This is our time.
Now we dance!